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Courtesy of Wayne R. West

Meister R6 / Regina Model 600

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National Industrial Model A-26

Serial # E661290

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Seidel & Naumann Transverse Shuttle Hand Machine

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Pfaff 130 Copy

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Singer VS2 Wrinkle Finish VS2

Serial #9133152

The machine has been refurbished with wrinkle paint, likely during the 1940s. Small spots of the original silver decals show through on the worn spots of the repaint. At the same time it was given a universal Sewing Supplies Inc motor and a universal hang-on light.

The original hand wheel has been replaced with a disc wheel and is only 4 1/4 inches in diameter. The original belt guard has also been replaced with one that accommodates the bobbin winder. The original boss for the low mount bobbin winder location is still there.

The original top tension assembly has been replaced with a more modern version with numbers. And the presser bar pressure knob has been replaced with a Revco Patch-O-Matic Darner.

Re-Painted 221