W. Winter

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W. Winter

Compound Patent Invincible Sewing Machine

From White's 1870's directory.

Capable of doing every kind of sewing from the thinnest to the thickest material.

For tailors, mantle makers, stay makers, and boot and shoe makers, it is admirably adapted, and has received the highest praise from those branches of trade.

For the ornamentation of Boot Uppers, it excels all others. At the ordinary rate of working, a saving of 8,000 lbs. weight of friction per day is effected, which gives greater durability to its mechanism, and economy to the working power of the operator.

It is made in five sizes to suit every branch of trade, from the making of kid gloves to heavy wax-thread leather work.

Warranted to keep in order for years. Patented in Great Britain, France and America.