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Varley & Wolfenden Company

Keighley, Yorkshire, England

Varley & Wolfenden History

Varley & Wolfenden Machines

Trade Mark

Cyclops High Arm TS

It is very unusual to find High Arm machines which also have a fiddlebase.

This machine has been identified as a Cyclops machine, made by the British Company, Varley & Wolfenden.

Hand RS


At first glance this lockstitch machine looks like a Jones Hand (Serpentine) machine, having the same early ivy leaf decals.

The major difference is the two spool pins (Jones only used one)

Longford Hand TS

Serial Number 53281 N 37


Serial Number 47670 J26

Courtesy of John Snell

Serial Number 54823 C79

Courtesy of Mark Ghent


This is taken from a 1879 manual. Was this type of corder used by other manufacturers?

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