Twin Bobbin

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Potter and Cooper

Portland Street Works (and Mills), Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire

These are 'two spool' or 'two reel' machines, i.e. they use a reel of thread under the machine as well as one on top.

The Two Spool was the work of John Oakden Potter, Engineer and Joseph Cooper, Sewing Machine Specialist. Cooper was at 93a Stamford Street.

See the other, non-twin bobbin, Vibra Rotary machine in this album.

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Potter & Cooper Machines

Vibra Rotary

Serial Number 1048

Non-twin bobbin by Potter and Cooper

Twin Bobbin Hand

Serial Number 3139

Courtesy of Rick and Suzie

Twin Bobbin Hand

Serial Number 4019 circa 1920//21

Bears patents from 1919