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So-All Company

3 Oxford Street, London

The So-All company was incorporated on 26 November 1892 and dissolved on 15th September 1896.

The company had a share capital of £35,000 shares with 500 founders' shares and 35,000 ordinary shares.

So-All Machines


Courtesy of Claire Sherwell

Serial Number 6010

A needle-feed machine.

There are at several versions of the So-All. One with a black, decal-covered faceplate cover, another with a nickel plated cover.

See also Ideal machines, Tailor-Bird and Davis Vertical Feed machines for other "walking foot/needle feed" examples.

Serial Number 7002

Courtesy of Rijnko Fekkes

Serial Number 8497

Courtesy of Marco Trapp

Eagle by Kimball & Morton

Claire Sherwell from Harry Berzack's museum

This machine isn't needle feed and has a straight bed.

John Morton (of Kimball & Morton in Glasgow) and Herbert Ackroyd Stuart both came up with similar methods of providing a workable needle feed mechanism and both seem to have had patents on this. Indeed, both of them were involved and the So-All Company used their patents.

Identified as the "Eagle" made by Kimball & Morton.