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Thomas Slater

Court 5, Tudall Street, Ladywell, Birmingham c.1863

133 Tennant Street, Birmingham, England in 1867

18 New Edmund Street, Birmingham by 1875

Thomas Slater made sewing machines in Birmingham only from the 1860s to the 1870s. Apparently they made at least two models, "Little Wonder" and "People's" machine.

Slater Machines

People's Machine?

Serial Number 24

Courtesy of Ludger Halbur.

A rare and fine machine! It has an exposed double eccentric-cam arrangement on the upper drive shaft. Geoff Dickens has discovered that it was George Slater, an engineer working in London who patented this mechanism in 1867.

It has two lower vibrating shafts, one hollow, to accommodate the second inside it. The outer operates the shuttle and the inner one moves the feed bar.

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