Singer Oddities

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Singer Sewing Machines

Serial Number Stamping Oddities

Missing Numbers or Letters

Courtesy of Micael and Claire

The first serial number is on a Singer 401G made in Germany. It is missing the prefix. Where the expected prefix would be there is a blank space.

The second serial number is on a Singer 617U made at the Singer factory in Utsunomiya, Tochigi, Japan. The prefix of TB is clearly displayed, but the serial number itself is missing.

G or C Serial Numbers

Courtesy of Bev, Edey, Chrys and Wil

This picture shows the difference in stampings of serial numbers in the G series from Elizabethport and how easy it is to mistake a G for a C in some cases.

The only C serial number (from Wittenberge) is the example from Chrys, bottom right.

See How Serial Numbers are Stamped

Short Serial Number


Courtesy of Kim

The serial number is N11. It isn't a model number.