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Model C

Serial #25091A

Which sewing machine manufacturer made this machine?

It has many similarities to the "Beaver" and "Eaton" machines that are currently under Raymond (with similarities to Free machines). The serial number fits in with both of those machines (unlike the Davis series) and it has a hollow bobbin. The treadle belt is on the inside of the balance wheel, unlike most Davis machines which have it on the outside. The "finger" of the bobbin winder isn't exactly like a Davis either.

More pictures to help to pin down the maker eg the shuttle, bobbin and shuttle carrier. A view from underneath, of the face plate and behind the faceplate, the top tension pieces and rear inspection plate.

The spring on the shuttle matches the Beaver & Raymond. Although the tension spring most closely resembles one from Goodrich, it is slightly different.

The machine appears to be a Beaver/Raymond

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