Shepherd, Rothwell & Hough

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Shepherd, Rothwell & Hough

Trade Mark

Shepherd, Rothwell & Hough Machines


Serial Number 1068

Courtesy of Siliconchip.

The number on the rim of the machine is 1068, the number on the slide plate is 1081. Normally the numbers would match (unless replaced).

With the exception of a different type of bobbin winder, the machine very closely resembles a Jones.

The fitting of the bobbin in the shuttle is different to the instructions in the Jones Hand manual on the Main Site, Jones' design of shuttle carrier in the Hand changed over time; the later Jones has a different shaped tension spring.

The face plate is the same as on early Jones machines. There is no logo in the middle of the bed but just the stamped trade Mark of S R & H on the cloth plate.

There is no horizontal rear spool pin for the machine that the other example in this album has. The rear horizontal pin was established at least c1888.

Courtesy of Sandy Ball

The rear view has an interesting feature. Compare with the two top spool pins on a Varley & Wolfenden Hand and a Jones Hand that only has one spool pin.Discussion Topic

Eclipse Family TS

Serial Number 35511 (c.1886)

Courtesy of Chrys Gunther.

The company relied upon German shuttles.

Serial Number 38116

An Eclipse Family machine. The manual recommends Barbour's Linen Threads manufactured specially for sewing machines, Chadwick's sewing cottons, Morris & Yeoman's needles "Time the Test".

Under the case a red cardboard box containing attachments fits snugly into a wooden compartment.

Eclipse Medium TS

Serial Number 41452

Courtesy of Mae Lopez.

This is the larger sized machine.