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Singer 15, RAF Decals, Blackside

Singer 15 Comparisons Charts

Serial Number AG310464, 1941

The machine has a mix of features. The face plates are nickel (typical for the model), the spool pins, and needle plate/bobbin cover are blackside. It has a spoked hand wheel, all black too, it has a Singer motor that appears to be a later type, by both construction and labeling.

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Singer 15-86 Feed Dog Drop

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Serial #JA814334

The Canadian registration mark from St Jean, Quebec is under the Singer logo. 15772 from November 20, 1918.

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Singer Art Cabinet (Drawing Room Cabinet) DR01

Singer Cabinets, Treadle Bases & Cases

This style of drawing room cabinet is infrequently encountered.

"This Cabinet, which is fitted with the "Family V.S." Hand Machine, is so constructed that, when closed, the Machine is below the level of the table and covered by the folding leaf, which can then be secured by lock and key. When the machine is required for use, the slight pressure of a button causes it to rise, in which position it is firmly supported by the centre doors being pushed inwards..... The hand attachment enables the Machine to be used either by hand or treadle; a Portable Cover is supplied for taking the Hand Machine to the country or seaside.... This Machine is particularly adapted for executing the New Art Work. Price £16 10 0 with Portable Cover, £16 0 0 without" (in 1897).

"Although the superiority of Singer's Vibrating and Oscillating Shuttle Machines for all ordinary classes of sewing is now universally recognised, it is not so generally known that these Machines are also capable of producing the most beautiful art needlework in addition to the plain sewing. Very little instruction is required to enable an operator to execute a great variety of this Art Work, which is rapidly superseding the old and much slower hand process, and is at the same time more effective. This adaptation of Singer's Sewing Machines to new purposes does not necessitate any alteration of the ordinary Machine which cannot be easily made by the operator, and is sure to prove a source of special attraction to anyone wishing to combine artistic effect with rapidity of execution. Singer's Art Set 5 shillings for the new industry. Contains the following requisites: Pair of Embroidery Hoops, Etching Foot, Silks, Studies and Manual, all arranged in a handsome octagonal box, which can also be used as a handkerchief and glove box."