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Adelaide, S. Australia

The Pinnock Sewing Machine Company by Les Godfrey


Pinnock Ads

Coutesy of Cyndy

A c1962 advertisement from an English craft magazine showing the Sewbest, Threadmaster and Sewline.


Serial D12414(?)

Courtesy of Cyndy

A Central Bobbin machine.



Serial #20352

Courtesy of Claire Sherwell

Made in Japan, possibly assembled at Pinnock's factory. Underneath the machine are the telltale Asian signs of J-C 29 and J-A 6. This machine takes pattern cams.


Courtesy of Courtesy of Jodes.

From the 1960s. The machine came with 14 cams each producing a different stitch. Pinnock's address in England was given as 17 Hannover Square, London W1. The badge says "World's finest precision built automatic zig zag".