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Pfaff Model H

Courtesy of Rick

Serial #808962

Pfaff models were originally given letters for identification, but later switched to numbering (as did other manufacturers). By 1916 they were using up to model 102.

The Pfaff H is a Central Bobbin machine and it became known as Pfaff 31 (see below).

Pfaff Model K

Courtesy of Jai

Serial #948763

This vibrating sewing machine was originally called the Pfaff K and evolved into the Pfaff 11.

Pfaff Serial Numbers

German Sewing Machine Attachment Tins

Pfaff Model L

Courtesy of McKenna Linn

Serial #799608

The model K was the family sized machine with L the equivalent larger sized model, shown here. These became Klasse 11 and 12.

Pfaff Model L and Model 11 Comparisons

Courtesy of McKenna Linn

Serial Numbers 799608 & 1488523

Pfaff Model 11

Courtesy of McKenna Linn

Serial Number 488523

Pfaff 30

Serial No: 4379769

Courtesy of Claire Sherwell

This is a central bobbin machine with drop feed, aimed for domestic and home workers sewing. It has a rectangular rear inspection plate, a numbered tension dial facing the operator, a high mounted bobbin winder and the bobbin housing assembly is characterised by two curved support struts.

Pfaff 30

Serial No: 5920182

Courtesy of McKenna Linn

Converted from electric to treadle, using a Singer balance wheel.

Pfaff 31

Serial No: 2597837

Courtesy of Claire Sherwell

This central bobbin straight stitch machine incorporates the top tension on the face plate, no drop feed knob and has a low mounted bobbin winder with round rear inspection plate.

Pfaff Model 130

Courtesy of Claire Sherwell

The Pfaff 130 is a high speed zigzag machine, marketed for use by people doing a lot of domestic sewing and people in the sewing business. It was called the universal tailoring machine.

The Pfaff 130-115 and 130-14-115 take a 130B needle which has a Round Shank, other models take flat shank 15x1 needles.

Pfaff Model 130

Courtesy of James

The pictures show a Pfaff 130 compared with a Singer 206.

Pfaff Attachments Tin c.1897

Courtesy of Rijnko Fekkes

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