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Pearson & Company

New Dock Machine Works, Chadwick Street, Crown Point, Leeds, England

143 Holborn Bars, London EC

Pearson & Co dates back to at least the 1870s. Based in Leeds, but with agencies across England. The company made different types of sewing machines for leather work and were originally known for special machines for light harness and horse clothing, closing military and jockey boots, carriage builders machines for wings, linings, welting etc.

Pearson Trade Mark

Pearson Machines


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Pearson - A1

Sale pictures courtesy of Chrys Gunther

Machine for boot and shoe manufacture. This machine has British United Shoe Machinery Co. on the arm. Original A1 from the 1870s cost £10 10 0 when new.

Pearson No.1 Waxed Thread Sewing Machine

W. Pearson's No. 1 Wax Thread Sewing Machine for boot makers, clog makers, saddlers, strap makers. A lock stitch machine with two wax threads. Manufactured at New Dock Machine Works, Leeds. Priced at £12 10s, complete on stand, with tools etc.

Pearson Number 6

Courtesy of John F.

J J Weekes Catalogue c1915

Courtesy of Jonn F.

Not directly related to Pearson, but of interest in illustrating the type of products that Weekes used to supply. J. J. Weekes Ltd was located in Sydney, Australia. It operated primarily as a wholesaler to the saddlery and coach-building trades. They also manufactured saddlery and harnesses.

Also photographs from an early 20th century trade journal called the “Australasian Saddler and Harness Maker” depicting the J.J. Weekes factory floor work areas. If you look closely in the foreground of the photo entitled 'harness makers at work', you may be able to see three treadle sewing machines being used. It is difficult to identify the make of each machine, however the balance wheel on the closest machine looks like a Singer and the other two balance wheels maybe from Pearson A1 machines.