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New York Sewing Machine and Manufacturing Company

Plattsburgh, N.Y.

1880-1882. The history of the New York company is tied up with other companies such as Williams from Canada and Demorest from 1883 - 1888 (to be confirmed). Topic

The New York was made in the Williams factory in Plattsburgh, NY in its early years.

New York

New York


Courtesy of Claire Sherwell

1884: This model was billed as the most beautiful sewing machine in the market with the best loose wheel mechanism of any machine in the world!

It's a high-arm machine, runs light and noiseless as any. Positive double feed. No springs, requires no padding. All its wearing parts are made of hardened steel and adjustable automatic take up. Perfect tension with tension releasing device. Self-setting needle.

Courtesy of Kelly Pakes

Serial #45 50847

The New York machine is an odd mix of the first two Demorest models i.e. it has the rectangular base of the later model but the hexagonal arm profile of the first model. It also has the tension release lever pointing right, like the second model. The bobbin winder is on the bed, like the first model. The only other collected '45' prefix serial number was the first model, but not the lowest one.

The bed logo is similar to the New York State seal.