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''© 2008 The NeedleBar. All Rights Reserved.''
''© 2008, 2009 The NeedleBar. All Rights Reserved.''

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The NeedleBar Guide to


Belvidere, Illinois, USA

By Claire Sherwell & Alan Quinn

National Factory c. 1890

The names on the following machines are examples of the models offered. National probably produced more badged names than any other company. In particular, identification is sometimes difficult because many different machines across the range were sold under the Eldredge name (after Barnabas Eldredge, founder of National). The following pages attempt to identify the various features of the differently styled models produced by National.

Further details may be found in NeedleBar's Picture Library.

If you have examples not featured or other information please write to the NeedleBar Forum and send pictures to Claire at nbforum@btinternet.com

Dating information is being collected by Annie Kusilek who may also be contacted in the NeedleBar Forum.

Click on the links below for information about identifying National sewing machines:

National Vibrating Shuttle Machines

National Rotary Machines

The National pages are still under construction

© 2008, 2009 The NeedleBar. All Rights Reserved.