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Unknown Manufacturer



Courtesy of Kelly Pakes

Serial no. 872106

This Singer System machine may have been made in Germany and sold in Moravia (Austria/Hungary, now part of the Czech Republic) or could have been manufactured by a company such as Moravia Actiengesellschaft (Johannesgasse 14, Wien), for example. It has a trade mark of St Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna (Wien), which could apply to the seller or manufacturer.

The logo badge on the machine's pillar reads "Nähmaschinen Fabrik der "Moravia" in??en" (Wien?) and "System Singer". The slide plate has the following Oe. PATENT No 30931 37354 es o 733569 sz (unclear) MAGYAR SZABADALOM, so the machine had parts patented in Hungary (perhaps patented in Spain (es) as well?).

Underneath the machine reads Oesterr. patent No. 30931 (i.e. Österreich = Austrian) 37354 37355 SZ MAGYAR SZAB The second patent on the slide plate has a typo compared with the one underneath the machine.

It also reads PATENT and bears the same manufacturer's logo (A C & Co or A G & Co) as in the Picture Library Unidentified Courier

The machine has a tall upright bobbin winder with the top tension facing towards the inside, similar to a Winselmann, a grinding wheel would have been accommodated on the spindle to the right of the bobbin winder. The belt guard is reminiscent of a Wertheim and the table's inlay is a larger variation of a pattern used by Gritzner.

The phrase "Singer system" refers simply to the type of machine i.e. not Wheeler & Wilson system or Willcox & Gibbs system etc and is a phrase commonly encountered in Europe. See Different System machines produced by Britannia It is an improved "Singer", but has nothing to do with the Singer company itself. The use of the word "Singer" was stamped out by Singer much quicker within the US than it was controlled elsewhere.

Philadelphia Singer

'Singer' Symbol (in the Picture Library)

Adria from Hungary (in the Picture Library)