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Courtesy of Odile Berget

Catalogue : Manufacture Française d'armes et Cycles (known as Manufrance see here :

Saint-Etienne - France

Date : 1911


The Omnia Nos. 2, 4 and 6 workspace dimensions under the arm = 12cm x18 cm

Omnia N°2

Portable Saxonia TS

Omnia N°4

Portable Hand TS

Omnia n°6

Treadle TS

Omnia n°8

Treadle TS - The Omnia No. 8 has a bigger shuttle and larger {12cm x 20 cm} workspace

Omnia n°10

Treadle VS -family model - under arm workspace 12 x 18cm.

Blurb says convenient for all family work but cannot sew leather nor bulky fabrics.

Omnia n°15

Treadle VS - luxury model - under arm workspace 12 x 20cm

Some Omnia VS Machines

Omnia °20

Treadle - central bobbin for commercial work

Can sew even thick fabrics as corduroy or woollen fabric

Omnia °22

treadle - full rotary bobbin -luxury model - 48kg!!

Omnia °25

Treadle - full rotary bobbin

Industrial. Could be use with en electric motor

Omnia °28

Industrial - underarm workspace 15 x32cm

Omnia °35 Politype

Omnia °40 Rotary

Omnia VS Machines

Omnia 'Elna 1' Type

Omnia Rotary Machines

Omnia 1960