Lippmann & Lind

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Lippmann & Lind

Sales: 16 Neueburg, Hamburg. Factory: Neue Königstrasse, Wandsbeck

In addition, see Ricbourg, France and William Taylor, England.

William Taylor Machines

W. Taylor's Patent

Courtesy of Claire Sherwell, from a display at a meeting of Der Schlingenfänger

William Taylor's patent was improved by Lind.

Improved Taylor

Serial Number #22784

Courtesy of Ludger Halbur

In 1869 H. Lippmann in Hamburg became the agent for William Taylor and sometime after 17th June 1871 the company became Lippmann & Lind. Around 1874 they were making the New Taylor sewing machine. In 1882 Henry W. Lind left the company to form Castro & Lind. The boat shaped shuttle moves in an elliptical path in a vertical plane.