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Kimball & Morton Company

82 (later 21) Bishop Steet, Anderston, Glasgow, Scotland Bothwell Circus, Glasgow

Kimball & Morton were established in 1867, based at 82 Bishop Street, then Bothwell Circus, Glasgow with branches around the UK. They were famed for their sack, sail, tarpauline and belt machines, as well as kilting and gathering machines. They also produced family TS, medium TS and Oscillating machines. By 1877 they were advertising as having broken the American Monopoly: "The Singer & Howe Machine Firms sell only their Glasgow-made machines in this country, for which they did not receive any Prize at the Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia. The K & M machines have always got the First and Highest Prizes at the Greatest Annual Exhibition of England and Scotland when exhibited." For more details see Letter to America 130 Years Ago/Kimball & Morton

Kimball & Morton Machines

Casing Machine (Running Stitch) c1906

A casing machine produces a running stitch. It was based on the Heberling, as was the Singer 76. See also the Pfaff running stitch machine.

Family TS

Serial Number 75868

Courtesy of May

A fiddlebase transverse shuttle machine made by the Glasgow company.

Kimball & Morton Medium TS - Black

This machine has Mother of Pearl ornamentation.

Kimball & Morton Medium TS - Red

The machine is a deep red, very unusual for such an early machine.

The ornamentation includes a border of Mother of Pearl chips decorated with gold and hand painted Forget Me Nots.

There are four sayings hand painted on the machine: Work & Win, Waste Not Want Not, A Stitch in Time Saves Nine, and Never To Late To Mend (of course, that one should be spelled Never Too Late To Mend).

Type of Machine? Sail, sack, tarpaulin & belt stitching?

Treadle Base

Courtesy of Gavin Tester...

....who would appreciate any help in estimating the age of the treadle base.