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Jones Sewing Machine Company Ltd. (Badged Machines)

Guide Bridge, Lancashire, England

Jones Hand RS Machines

'The Bedford'

circa 1895

Jones Hand badged to The Bedford

'Colliers No. 2'

Serial Number 2655

Note the manual to the rear showing a Jones Hand with tension adjustment on the arm of the machine.

See also Collier's Octagonal and History of J. Collier

Jones Family CS Machines

'The Avenue'

Courtesy of Daveofsuffolk

'The British Queen'

Serial Number #125276,

Courtesy of Stephanie Hutchins


Serial Number 260785

Badged to R. Jones of Chester

'Colliers No. 4'

Serial Number 12685

This is a relatively rare early model with decorated faceplate, badged and sold by the London company of J. Collier with their Swift & Sure motto.

Collier's also sold machines made by companies such as Frister & Rossmann and later, Gritzner. History of J. Collier

'Cock's Royal Leader'

Courtesy of the late Eleanor Beck.

By F. J. Cock of Birmingham and Coventry.

The company also sold machines from other manufacturers. Their merchant's sign, Signum Mercatoris, included the cockerel.

F. J. Cock sold machines made by many different companies such as Jones, Haid & Neu, Hengstenberg, Stoewer etc.

They had branches in Birmingham and Coventry, England.


Serial Number 472468, c1932

Courtesy of DaveofSuffolk.

The machine has a plain pillar. Later models had the 'Guide Bridge' on the pillar.

Serial Number B537978.

This is a relatively early electric model by Jones.

The case is made of compressed paper or cardboard, designed to look like (faux) leather.

The case was patented in 1937.

The Empress is a budget model family CS machine sold at the end of the manufacture of Jones CS models.


Serial Number 16335. Made in 1895

This machine bears the early Jones Rose on the bed of the machine and feathery decals.

It is most likely that this machine was badged for the Co-Operative Society's Chelmsford Star branch (CSCS).

Founded in 1867. It was called 'Star' because it hoped to become a star in the town and seems to have been an important part of the organisation.

The Chelmsford Star branch (CSCS) was one of the 1000+ Co-Ops who would have bought via the CWS, which was the bulk buying/wholesale arm of the co-operative movement.

It was originally called the Co-operative Wholesale Industrial & Provident Society, formed in 1863.

Generally/more usually/later, the Federation/CWS Jones machines had pretty coloured flowers on them and were presumably sold countrywide. Hence, for a branch to have ordered sewing machines from Jones with their own logo they would have had to be pretty large and successful, which the Chelmsford branch was.


A Family sized machine is known as 3/4 sized (whereas a Medium machine is full sized). CS stands for Cylinder Shuttle. Shuttles are not interchangeable with Singer machines due to the different curvature of the arc through which the shuttle swings. Dating information on this and all other Jones models is available from Alan Quinn in the NB Forum.

This style of decal was accompanied by the intertwined CWS decal in the centre of the bed instead of the Federation with gold background.

The decal does not have the teardrops.

Serial Number B5566816

Courtesy of Patrice

From Jones advertising: "This table was devised to economise space and is therefore suitable for small rooms. Supplied in Oak or Walnut... If desired, a Motor can be added thus converting it to an All Electric Machine." Machines badged with the name Federation, were sold to the Co-operative Wholesale Society (CWS) for distribution and sale by the various Co-Ops round the country."

Thomas Gaffer

Serial Number 429146


Courtesy of Bernadette Dewhurst-Phillips

Sold in Australia.

Jones Medium CS Machines


Serial Number 93749

Courtesy of Gary Nelson

A Medium sized machine, badged as a 'Federation' for the Co-operative Wholsale Society Ltd.

Please note that Medium machines do not take the same sized needle as the Family sized machines.

Serial Number 145181

Courtesy of Granne13

The treadle plate and belt guard are made of wood, while the treadle irons are coloured brown.

Jones Spool Rotary Machines


The 'Spool' was Jones' top-of-the-line full rotary machine, using the same priciple as the Wheeler & Wilson 9.

Serial Number 225157

Courtesy of John Snell.

Thomas Gaffer

Serial Number 207897

Courtesy of Mike W.

Black shoulder stripe.

Thomas Gaffer, 23/25 St Andrew Street, Norwich.

Jones D53 Machines


Serial Number SA022960

Badged as Federation for the CWS (Co-operative Wholesale Society).

Takes a flat shank 15x1 needle, sews forwards and reverse.

Jones D65 OS Machines

Jones D65 OS 'Arrow'