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Courtesy of James McInnis

US Blind Stitch 508-1

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Singer 15-87 'RAF' Decals

Serial #AD807119

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Windham Textile Museum

Willimantic, Connecticut

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Russian Singer Model 15

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Dial Calipers

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Adler 187

Serial #65419

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Singer 201K3

Serial #EE662470 1948

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Weed Sewing Machine Company

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Zig-zagger Damage?

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Weed Family Favorite Treadle


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Singer Gilded Treadle Irons

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Wheeler & Wilson No.9

Serial #2370227

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Necchi BU

Serial #U127485

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Last Treadle?

Singer 15-88

Serial #AG558941 - November 9 1945

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Singer 319W

Serial #W1655252

Stitch-selector levers for built-in stitches:

A - Zigzag

B - Multiple-stitch zigzag

C - Scallop

D - Zigzag point

E - Ball

The unmarked lever (bottom) toward the front of the machine engages the fashion disks(cams)

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Wheeler & Wilson No.8

Serial #592559

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Willcox & Gibbs

Serial #A536305 - 1903

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Singer 128 Centennial

Serial #AK059497 1951

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Singer 31-15

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6092-AB833 NOTICE - This machine is equipped with a motor to be operated in connection with Alternating Current 110 volts - 60 cycle. Ask you Electric Light Company if the electric current where this machine is to be used corresponds with this specification. Easy Washing Machine Corporation, Syracuse, N.Y. Make of Motor [blank] Inspected by: 1st: Woodworth 2nd: Coomey 3rd: Plaisted

(Blank on reverse)

Form 18394-Revised February, 1931

CAUTION - After installing motors which have friction clutches, operate the clutch to make sure that the clutch is free before starting the motor. LUBRICATION - Singer Motor Oil is recommended for lubricating the bearings of this motor, as it is specifically prepared for this purpose. When the motor is received from the factory, fill the bearing housings with Singer Motor Oil to the level of the oil holes which are located in the side of the housings, using an oil can as shown. The bearing housings are packed with waste which conducts the oil to the bearing surfaces. At the end of each month's run, fill the bearing housings with oil to the level of the oil holes. IMPORTANT - Successful operation of this motor cannot be expected if lubricants other than that recommended are used. Motors operating under unusual conditions of dust, lint, etc., should be inspected and cleaned frequently enough to keep them in good running condition. (over)

Connection for Single Phase A.C. Sewing Machine Motors (with waste packed bearings) [illustrations]

Copyright, U.S.A., 1929

Recent Rescue


Singer Wittenberge Badge

1928 Singer 201-3

Serial #C3312216

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Singer 301 Tuxedo

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New Home

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Serial #521007

New Home Sewing Machines

Flat needlebar, cylinder shuttle & side swinging presser lifter.

Domestic Fiddle-base

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