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International Snippets

From the Sewing Machine News. August 1886

Cairo. Mr Vigneron of Paris opened a depot and Mr O F Noggar is representing the firm of Jones and Company. Bill posting and advertising is largely resorted to, and the natives have their eyes gladdened by peaceful pictures of mammoth machines on the walls of their houses. One shop, that of Messrs Gresser & Co., has the pull over all the others, because they employ a lady to serve customers, and the reserved Egyptian ladies will, in most cases, only deal with one of their own sex.

From the Sewing Machine News. December 1886

In Egypt where the sewing machine trade was next door to being dead a short while ago, it is now improving steadily, but surely. The French agents appear to be very "pushy" there just now. The representative of a Parisian firm has been disposing of their machines rapidly of late in Alexandria and elsewhere, but at great sacrifice to dray his expenses. He also represents a certain brand of cognac. Our English and American agents in Egypt ought to be making way just now, with all this competition, which English firms least object to. One of the largest retail dealers in Alexandria, Makri Brothers, are pushing machines of English make.