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From Le Monde Magazine

Courtesy of Odile Berget

Furn El-Chebbak, Beirut

by Georges Hakim

In France, there's a weekly magazine called : "Le Monde Magazine". Each Friday, they ask a VIP to write about their town. This week it is Charif Majdalani, a Lebanese professor in Beyrouth University and a novelist. He is speaking of a Beyrouth (Beirut) suburb named :"Furn El-Chebbak" where a lot of small artisan shops can still be found.

Translated from the article:

"Georges Hakim has been a tailor since he was eight years old. He was an apprentice in Lazaristes' downtown street factories. He's been self employed since 1952 in this small shop where he's sewn men's suits for a long time. Now he only does small alterations. His Singer and small desk lamp are coveted (lusted over) by students of the nearby Fine Arts School.

One can fear also that his workshop might be bought up by real estate developers who would build new buildings where the old crafts would have no place."

The picture is signed : Dalia Khamissy for Le Monde