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The Ideal Sewing Machine Company

Courtesy of Susan O'Connell.

This is a portable chain stitch machine with walking foot (ie the fabric is advanced from above, without feed dogs underneath).

Model A has the earlier, all in one presser foot leg.

Model B has the later, two piece presser foot and an engraved face plate

The company had a share capital of £70,000 divided into 1,400,000 ordinary shares of 1/- each.

See also the Tailor Bird , So-All and Davis Vertical Feed machines for other examples of Needle Feed/Walking Foot machines

<gallery> File:Ideal1.jpg|Model A File:Ideal5.jpg File:Ideal3.jpg File:Ideal4.jpg File:Idealb1.jpg|Model B File:Idealb2.jpg File:Idealshares.jpg|Ideal Sewing Machine Company Share Certificate <gallery>