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Husqvarna VS - Model 10

Serial # C10 6828

Courtesy of McKenna Linn

This is a family sized VS machine, which became known as the model 10; it dates to around 1951. This is a black machine but green underneath. The sewing machine seller/dealer/distributor (NAAIMACHINEHANDEL) was P. Bakker, Valkenveg 20, in the Netherlands. It has the base casting number of 8057 underneath and a round rear inspection plate. The needle size (705 = 15x1) is on the pillar with the model number of 10.

The model 10 (VS) was produced from 1914 - 1959.

Husqvarna C.B.

Serial Number 917589

Courtesy of Marie Caroline

A Central Bobbin (i.e. oscillating hook) sewing machine with reverse. The instruction manual is dated 1930. The insert in the table top becomes the side extension, giving a work top length of 47 inches with extension, and 37 without, measuring 17 1/2 inches wide. The irons are brown paint over a dark yellow undercoat.