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by Les Godfrey

The rotary hook timing adjustment on a Singer 319 is as follows:

First remove the face/end plate that covers the needle bar, next the needle plate and bobbin case. Fit a new needle and make sure it is fitted correctly not only facing the right way but also pushed up far enough into the needle clamp to hit the needle stop screw. Now set the machine for straight sewing, centre (important) needle position.

Turn the machine hand wheel in the normal sewing direction and bring the needle bar down to its lowest point, known as bottom dead centre. Looking at the top of the needle bar you should see two timing marks (rings) and on the needle bar frame you will notice an adjustable pointer. This pointer should align with the upper timing mark when the needle bar is at the bottom dead centre, if not undo the screw and realign the pointer to the upper mark.

Ok now again turn the hand wheel in the normal sewing direction until the lower mark on the needle bar comes up to and aligns with the pointer. At this position the point of the rotary hook should be behind and at the centre of the needle. If adjustment is necessary it should be done using the three screws on the rotary hook being careful to keep the needle to hook distance constant, the hook point should be as close as possible to the needle without touching it.

Finally check the needle bar height, move the needle to the left hand needle position and turn the machine in the normal sewing direction until the hook point is behind the needle. The lower portion of the hook point should now be 1/64th inch above the needle eye. The needle bar height can be adjusted by the large screw facing you, this should be visible towards the bottom of the needle bar frame.

Please note anyone reading this in the future that these instructions are specific to a Singer 319.