Henri Vibert-Truchon

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Henri Vibert-Truchon & Co

Courtesy of Odile Berget

Henri Vibert-Truchon & Co

Pronounced "Hachevétéco" from the first letters 'HVTC'

The HVTC factory was located in Vienne (Isère-France) in Estressin suburbs, between the river Rhône and the railroad track.

The company was active during World War One producing armaments. Production was switched to sewing machines in 1918. They went bankrupt in 1938

The company's poster is probably the same logo they used initially when making weapons, i.e. a German eagle struck down by a French cockerel with an olive branch.

The poster designers (Colotte-Horel - Nancy) were two painters : Aristide Colotte and Eugène-Albert Horel, both members of Ecole de Nancy at the beginning of XXth century.