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W. J. Harris was a company based in London which distributed sewing machines to retailers. They did not produce any sewing machines on their own account, but 'badged' machines made by many other makers with the Harris name.

Harris sold machines from many makers in several countries, including the German Grimme Natalis, Stoewer, Frister & Rossmann and L.O. Dietrich companies, and the American New Home companies. They also sold badged British Jones and Japanese machines.

The company was founded in the 1870's and continued in the sewing machine business until at least 1960. The current incarnation of the Harris company is 'Mothercare', a large British company of chain stores selling goods for babies and young children.



Harris 9H

Serial #3422340, late 1940s

Courtesy of Fay

This late Haid & Neu Vibrating Shuttle model would have been sold by Harris before the model became the Singer model 218G c1951. Unlike earlier Haid & Neu models it has a round front inspection plate. The decals are very plain as befitting the age of the machine and it has a typical late style, glossy bentwood case from the company. The green instruction manual commonly turns up with machines and the packet of needles has the Haid & Neu logo on it.