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Serial #664284

Courtesy of John Snell


Serial #1862205

Courtesy of Kelly Pakes

This Vibrating Shuttle machine has the later style of bobbin winder with the curved end, but the earlier style of front inspection plate without a tension disc. It has a shuttle eject lever and the slide plates have standard German slots, which act as springs to prevent the plates from falling out. It is missing its velvet pin cushion, but retains its swivel holder by the accessories box. The pillar has a Gritzner oval logo and the seller added his details to the accessories box lid, those of Wright's Machine Depot, Market Street, York (England).

Serial #2805418

Courtesy of Christine.

This Vibrating Shuttle machine is a slightly later model and it has a round knob stitch length regulator, rather than a slide on the bed of the machine or the later slide on the pillar of the machine with reverse. It has a later style of bobbin winder (the earlier style had an upright) and a thread guide on the front inspection plate. The Selecta model became the model R. The machine is missing its velvet pin cushion by the accessories box. The shape and inlay of the case are standard for Gritzner, but it has the added seller details.

The seller in Equador (Gonzales-Rubio & Cia) had a New York office.

Serial #41066

Courtesy of Fay

This is a late model Selecta. A vibrating shuttle machine with an updated stitch length lever and later decals.


Gritzner-Kayser 116a

Serial #?

Courtesy of Henrik

This machine is Gritzner-Kayser Model 116a, also known as the Gritzner VZ (Vera Zwei). It was marketed in the US as the White All Stitch Zig Zag.

Gritzner-Kayser 116a Manual (pdf in German)