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"Domestic" Grindstone

Courtesy of Claire Sherwell

Adaptable to the White, Wheeler & Wilson, Willcox & Gibbs, Howe, Domestic, Singer, American and all other First-class Sewing Machines.

The above cut represents a new invention designed expressly for ladies' use. Inventors have taxed their ingenuity for many years in getting up household tools and utensils; but the thing most needed has been the longest delayed - a first class family Grindstone. Various attempts have been made, but none have succeeded, on account of the high prices asked and the inpracticability of the machines.

We undoubtedly have in the "Domestic" Family Grindstone a Sewing Machine Attachment of intrinsic value. That is always useful no one will deny; and the low price, convenience and durability will recommend it to every lady in the land. It will grind, sharpen and scour knives in half a minute and sharpen all sorts of tools and implements. Any lady can adjust it on her sewing machine in half a minute and sharpen up those "horrid" dull bread and carving knives with perfect ease, while "that husband of hers" is engaged in his store.

The "Domestic" Grindstone has no equal in the world. Every family will find it indispensable - an economizer. It is operated directly from the drive-wheel, only the treadle being used, and not the sewing machine itself, consequently the sewing machine does not suffer in any way whatever from being used for this purpose.

Each "Domestic" is fully warranted, and can be run 3,700 revolutions per minute without injury. We supply only the Lake Huron grindstone, which is the best in the world, and is manufactured expressly for us.

Knife & Scissor Sharpener

What Else Did they Make?

Courtesy of Claire Sherwell