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Gresham & Craven Company

Ordsall, Salford, Greater Manchester, England

The company is listed in the 1879 Slaters Directory of Manchester and Salford as being sewing machine manufacturers (and also 'patent woven wire mattress' makers) at the Craven Iron Works, South Hall Street, Regent Road Bridge, Salford. They are still listed in the 1883 directory. In the 1886 directory they are still making bedding and also 'makers of' Injectors and Water Elevators, and 'Railway Plant Manufacturers', but are no longer listed as sewing machine makers.

Gresham & Craven Machines

Gresham - Early Model

Serial No. 19440

Courtesy of Ludger Halbur

The original first model Gresham from the late 1860s did not have a faceplate. It differs from the later model in the 'G' casting. The first model arm has an 'I' section (like an RSJ girder), whereas the Improved Gresham has an oval section arm and the early model a metal base. The stitch plate stamp reads:

Patented March 1867

Heron, Gresham & Craven


No. 19440

Improved Gresham - Early Model

Serial No. 25675

Courtesy of Rijnko Fekkes

This model has no face plate and no fixing holes.

Improved Gresham - Later Model

Courtesy of Alan Quinn

Made from the early 1870s. Note the curved shuttle