Emile James

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Emile James

44 Clinton Place, New York, NY

Emile James manufactured cylinder bed sewing machines with Universal Feed for industrial application, using steam power. This "politype" machine was also produced by many different manufacturers and developed into the Singer 29 type machine.

The German Politype

Courtesy of Claire Sherwell

The German Politype Universal Feed cylinder machine, used by shoemakers, saddlers, carriage trimmers, and manufacturers of gloves, pocket books and bags. The main advantage is that the feed can be turned in any direction.

In America and Canada of the 1880s the Wheeler & Wilson company handled the German Politype and also kept stocks of parts.

Emile James of New York also sold Politypes in the USA and Bradbury of England teamed up with Wilson to sell their Universal Feed Arm machines in America.

See other examples listed under Bradbury, Claes & Flentje, Dürkopp & Singer 29

Emile James Politype

Courtesy of Ron

New Politype, No. 3

Courtesy of Sam & Karen Morrison

No serial number on the machine.

Politype with an 'i' on the stand. Polytype with a 'y' on the machine. No decals, all hand painted.