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From: Sewing Machine & Cycle Gazette April 2, 1906

We regret to have to record the death, on February 23rd 1906, of Mr J M Greist, the well known inventor and manufacturer of attachments for sewing machines.

He was born on May 9th, 1850, in Crawfordsville, USA, and when but fourteen years of age started selling Wheeler & Wilson machines in his native state. Later on he saw that there was a big trade to be done in attachments, and for many years he applied himself to patenting these appliances to the number of no fewer than sixty. Next we find him making attachments in Chicago, in the seventies, and fifteen years later he entered Singer's service at Elizabethport, USA, where he remained three years.

The Sewing Machine Times gives the more recent incidents as follows:

It was during the year 1890 that Mr Greist went to New Haven and commenced the manufacture of attachments on a large scale, organizing the Greist Manufacturing Company. From this beginning the business has steadily grown, and for a number of years this company has had contracts with nearly all of the large sewing machine manufacturers and supply houses, supplying them with attachments for their machines of various makes and styles. Of late years the manufacture of attachment "sets" has been a leading feature of the business, nearly a dozen styles being produced to fill the several markets.

Although Mr Greist had suffered more or less for some time, his death came very suddenly and unexpectedly. He is survived by a wife, two sons and a daughter.

The business of the company has for some time been largely in the hands of Mr Greist's eldest son, Mr P R Greist, who now succeeds his father as president and general manager of the company.

During Mr Greist's successful business course he had amassed a handsome property, including a beautiful residence for himself and family. He was an active, enterprising citizen and did much for the public welfare though not in official character. He will be widely mourned by friends and by the hands - some 350 - employed by in the company's works.