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Company Information

History from "The Growth of a century: as illustrated in the history of Jefferson county, New York from 1793 to 1894" by Haddock (1894) describing early Davis history and reasons for leaving Watertown.


Dating information:

Vertical Feed Machines -

255,354 (Type 2, Watertown) 1882

368,663 (Watertown, NY) May 26, 1887

530, 537, made in 1892 in Dayton

1,053,443 (Type 4, Dayton) 1905

2,414,588 - 1909 (sales receipt)

- - - -

100,000 machines sold in 8 years (dated 1878)

671835 13th Feb 1901 [Dayton] (from a warranty on eBay collected by Jon)

Vertical Feed Machines

Serial #681615

Courtesy of Crystal

This is a High Arm Vertical Feed (the fourth type developed). Made in Dayton, OH. It has rounded corners, a spool pin to the center of the arm with manual tension facing the operator instead of mounted on the arm. Underneath the machine VF is cast into the base.

Vibrating Shuttle Machines

Serial No. ?

Courtesy of Billy

Badged as The Marathon No. 3. Typical Davis bobbin winder, treadle belt groove on outside of hand wheel, Tree of Life carvings on case. No motor, hand crank or treadle belt holes in base. Model to be determined.

<gallery> File:davismarathon1.jpg File:davismarathon2.jpg File:davismarathon3.jpg File:davismarathon4.jpg </galley>