Clemens Müller

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Clemens Müller


The originator of the Saxonia machines

Clemens Müller

Müller Transverse Shuttle

Serial #1853678

Courtesy of Odile Berget


Badged as No. 2 bis. The German boat shuttle reads DRGM94641. Some metal parts under the machine are stamped P678 and SIN is just about readable, then something unreadable. then a B. The machine has an inspection plate on the shoulder and the bobbin winder is supported on a small pillar. The machine does not have a front slide plate extending to the front of the machine.

Courtesy of Louisa

Serial #22923?

This machine was sold in England by the American Sewing Machine Company. It has an iron base, a cheaper option at the time of sale than a wooden base, and Mother of Pearl ornamentation. The bobbin winder is mounted on a small pillar and has different decals from the example above.

The machine has no front slide plate, but does have a front inspection plate on the shoulder.

Serial #2721429

Courtesy of Claire Sherwell

Badged as Perfex A. A half sized Saxonia machine sold in England with the badged name Perfex A on the arm. Centre bed shows the company logo. No inspection plate on the pillar. Bobbin winder mounted on a small pillar.