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==Australian Rowing Team==
In case you missed them! ;)
==Card from Albania==
==Card from Albania==

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Australian Rowing Team

In case you missed them! ;)

Card from Albania

This card was bought in Albania and said to be French. Does anyone recognise the machine? German? Hungarian?

Viceroy from Spain

Serial #817891, cast underneath G107-4

This is a Spanish machine, made by Sigma. On the pillar it says Made in Spain. It has a distinctive shield on the face plate. Sold in England by the Birmingham sewing machine seller, Universal Sewing Machines Ltd., 27-33 Hurst Street.

System Lambert & Garnier

This is an advert for a Lambert & Garnier system patent that had just been granted. It looks to be the same machine as one owned by Claude

Bobbin Winder Springs

The first example shows an early Singer 99K bobbin winder, also used on the 66. The upright finger should point upwards. Unscrewing the screw to the left of the winder the spring is seated with the end of the spring uppermost, so that it fits into the small hole to the rear of the upright finger as indicated.

A later bobbin winder has a similar set up, but the end of the spring is recessed as shown.

Examples of other bobbin winder types used on 66 machines.

Willcox & Gibbs Stitchplate

Example showing patents in various countries.

Norwegian Inventor and Wheeler & Wilson


This is a picture of the cabinet (with Wheeler & Wilson machine in it?) exhibited by Christophersen in the 1866 'Scandinavian' exposition in Stockholm. It was a combined industrial exhibition from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, specialising in iron, steel, wooollens and earthenwares.

German Pittler Lathe Stand

Courtesy of Richard Boughton


For comparison with the Willcox & Gibbs monoped recently sold on eBay. Some small lathes had stands and drives like that, the German Pittler on "trumpet" stand is the same idea but much more robust (actual examples are heavier still). The W&G stand is nowhere near robust and heavy enough for even a tiny lathe (and it looks rather light and wobbly even for a small sewing machine.)

Perhaps the stand was supplied by a French seller?

Spotted In Atlanta Airport

I couldn't escape the beacon of welcome from a certain Texan at the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport... She had her eyes on me! ;)

In Search of Wheeler & Wilson

Pictures taken on a stormy day in the Wheeler & Wilson factory area of Bridgeport, CT.

Shuttle for ID

A shuttle for a Champion of England.