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Canada Sewing Machine Company

The Canadian Sewing Machine Company Ltd was based in Hamilton, Ontario and run by inventors George Webster Jr. and John F Webster with C R Smith as Secretary and Manager. Machines were shipped to Canada Sewing Machine Company's European office and depot at 46 Wood Street, Liverpool where the manager was R S Daville, aboard the Steamship Caspian and other steamers.

In addition to the Empress of India model, the company apparently also produced The Webster and Webster's Improved Sewing Machine.

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Empress of India

Empress of India

Serial #3155, c1877

Courtesy of Claire Sherwell

Although similar to the design of the Jones Hand RS machine, the Empress has a tension assembly on top of the machine. As with Jones Hand machines, the serial number is under the slide plate to the rear of the machine. The Empress possessed a patented shuttle. The Empress of India model sold for £4 4 0 in England, the same price as a Raymond Household in the 1880s.