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Brother Sewing Machine Company

Company History

Straight Stitch Machines

Brother DeLuxe Synchro-matic

Serial #A353601

Courtesy of James

No letters or numbers other than the serial number appear on this machine. It does have "Brother" stamped into a few of the metal parts under the machine, and is cast into the underside of the bed. Art Deco patterned faceplate and rear inspection plate. The motor has been removed and the machine is treadled. Straight stitch with reverse, drop feed.

Serial #A382606

Courtesy of Lilia

No JA or JC numbers.

Zig Zag Machines

Electro Grand Super Streamliner, Model 220

Serial #H168129

Courtesy of BeagleMommy

Underneath the machine has JA1, JC1, and Brother.

Brother Windowmatic HA4-B1

Serial #K152293

Courtesy of James

The machine was guaranteed by Good Housekeeping and has the JIS (Japanese Industry Standard) mark of BBK.