British United Shoe Machinery Company

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British United Shoe Machinery Company

Leicester, England

British United Shoe Machinery Company History

This c1919 advert shows the size of the factory that British United once had in Leicester. They produced a vast range of machinery of all kinds for use in the shoe industry, including heavy duty sewing machines. BUSM was formed in October 1899 by an amalgamation of the English branches of the American companies that formed USM and a Leicester engineering concern, Pearson and Bennion Ltd, which manufactured shoe machinery and also handled machinery manufactured by the Consolidated and McKay Lasting Machine Company one of the constituents of the merger in the United States. See [Pearson]

BUSMC Machines

TS660 Pilot

Courtesy of Steve Brambley

This is a very heavy duty, needle feed and 'walking' foot, harness making machine. Believed to have been developed to replace the BU No.6 (Pearson's). It uses a shuttle mechanism similar to the Singer 45K class, but with a slightly smaller bobbin.