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Meissen, Saxony

Biesolt & Locke Logo

Biesolt & Locke Hollandia

Courtesy of Rijnko Fekkes

Serial # 32847

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Biesolt & Locke Lit.A

Courtesy of Ludger Halbur


#760135. Courtesy of Marco Trapp

The Afrana was introduced in 1893 and this machine likely dates to c1910-15. It is a Wheeler & Wilson system rotary machine, but with improvements eg stitch length regulator, inspection/oiling plates. The table is fitted with an automatic chain lift.

Wheeler & Wilson System (Ward's ANA)

#58868. Courtesy of Susan333.

This machine was made by Biesolt & Locke for sale in Australia under the Ward Brothers ANA (All Native Australian) badge. The logo in the centre of the bed gives the machine away as being made by Biesolt & Locke.

It is a Wheeler & Wilson system machine; many German companies made machines using this type of system (see Baer & Rempel).


#453816. Courtesy of John Snell.

The Wettina model is a family sized Vibrating Shuttle machine, introduced around 1900. Also known to be badged as a Suprema. It was the first VS model made by the company.

Wettina Suprema

#462783. Courtesy of Mark Ghent.