Bielefelder Nähmaschinen- und Fahrrad- Fabrik A.G. vorm. Hengstenberg & Co.

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Bielefelder Nähmaschinen- und Fahrrad- Fabrik A.G.

vorm. Hengstenberg & Co


#558318, courtesy of Martha Wickman.

In 1894 the company expanded and began to manufacture bicycles as well as sewing machines. As a result of this the company's name was changed once again in 1895 to 'Bielefeld Sewing Machine and Bicycle Factory, formerly Hengstenberg & Co'. In 1900 the company also began to manufacture cash registers. Hengstenberg/Anker registered the name Gloria in 1895, the same year that the anchor logo on this machine was registered. Badged to Ernst Riegenhagen, Dortmund, Germany.

The machine is not a "Singer clone" as it has a number of differences and improvements over Singer models of a similar era eg shuttle eject lever to the base of the pillar, bobbin winder that accommodates a grinding wheel for sharpening needles, stitch length lever allows the machine to sew forwards and backwards, extra thread guide on the front inspection plate. In other words it is superior to a Singer 28.

Many sewing machine manufacturers branched out into bicycle manufacture, as other modern inventions due to their ability for precision engineering eg Davis, National, Howe, Baer & Rempel, Bradbury etc. See What Else Did They Make?.

See the NeedleBar Anker Album. And also Hengstenberg Company History and Carl Schmidt & Hugo Hengstenberg.