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The Baer & Rempel Sewing Machine Company

The Baer & Rempel Sewing Machine Company

Baer & Rempel

Baer & Rempel Two-Spool (Wardwell)

This Wardwell machine has Baer & Rempel along the arm. It was apparently brought to Germany in order to study the unusual two spool arrangement; a lockstitch machine using two ordinary spools of thread. (Bielefelder Company History.)

Simon W Wardwell Jr., took out several patents relating to his Two Spool machine from 1872, through to improvements in 1888.

As well as his earlier working days in St. Louis, Missouri with George Shaw, Wardwell's work included patents on behalf of the Hautin Sewing Machine Company in Rhode Island, where his Wardwell Sewing Machine Company became based. He was later connected with Boston, MA.

His patent of 1871 allowed any make of machine to be revolved within its treadle top. In 1877 he also patented what we would now call a 'flat packed' treadle, "the pieces constituting the stand are so formed as to lie compactly in a case without liability to breakage, and this enables the shipping at lowest rates. The construction is such as to enable the stand to be taken apart or put together without the use of skilled labor. The pieces are so formed as to be cheaply produced by casting, and require little or no finishing." It was perhaps with this in mind that he also invented a collapsible boat.

Wardwell also worked on Wax Thread sewing machines, producing the Wardwell Wax Thread machine and inventions to do with the manufacture of shoes, as well as cop winding machines, wrenches, bicycle parts and so on.

Baer & Rempel Model D

Produced 1888-1918. See The The Baer & Rempel Sewing Machine Company

Baer & Rempel Model F

Baer & Rempel Model L

Baer & Rempel Teutonia

Produced 1890 - 1918, a vibrating shuttle machine with manual tension release. The model was superceded by the Model O.

Courtesy of Claire Sherwell

Serial #342016, c1905

Points to note include the thread guide at the top of the front inspection plate, the shuttle eject lever to the side of the plate with serial number, the bobbin winder accommodates a treadle belt and has a place on the end for a needle grinding stone.

Serial #433993, c1905

Courtesy of Sue

The stitch length lever has been modernized on this slightly later machine.

Courtesy of Rapeanu Cosmin

The name Teutonia appears on the arm.

Phoenix Class 10

Phoenix Model O (Class 11)

Phoenix Class 29

Phoenix 82

Serial # B398155

Courtesy of Fay

Small type, zigzag, double-cycle. Rotary Hook with bobbin holder

Phoenix Class 249

Phoenix Universa 249

Phoenix Class 350

Phoenix Gloria ZZ