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Class 34K machines

34K1, 34K2, 34K3, 34K4. Base 19 ¼” long, 10½” from Needle to Base of Arm. Horizontal Oscillating Shuttle Mechanism. Maximum speed 900 SPM.

The above class of machines with long perpendicular pillars are for reaching into and making lock-stitch seams on hollow articles and convex surfaces that cannot be reached with machines having flat beds. The feeds are at the left of the needle and close to the outer edges of the small work surface formed by the top of the pillars. The tops of these pillars measure 1½” diameter at right angles with the feed and 1¼” in line with the same.

These machines are fitted with lifting presser arrangements which can be adjusted from a stationary point to a “lift” 3/16” high. Every machine is also furnished with a roller-presser.