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Singer 319

Aluminium build. Automatic stitches by means of levers and discs (five designs built into the machine). External motor and light, built in carrying handle. Rotary movement, reverse feed.

Stitch-selector levers for built-in stitches:

A - Zigzag

B - Multiple-stitch zigzag

C - Scallop

D - Zigzag point

E - Ball

The unmarked lever (bottom) toward the front of the machine engages the fashion disks(cams).

Takes a 206x13 needle, threads front to back. Twin needle stitching (306x3-3, also used with 216, 306, 316 and 320. The bobbin case can be modified to use 15x1 needles. Re-timing is NOT necessary. See Singer 306 album for further details.

The 319 was superseded by the 401, see 401 for details.

See also Attachments.

Singer 319K


Courtesy of Claire Sherwell

K indicates that it was built in Singer's Kilbowie factory in Scotland. The model was only sold in green in the UK.

Singer 319M

Serial #EM825831, 1957

Courtesy of Giuseppe Perlo

Assembled in the Monza factory, Italy from Kilbowie parts.

Singer 319W

W indicates that it was manufactured in the former Wheeler & Wilson factory at Bridgeport, CT. The 319W was produced in two colors; both tan/mocha and black versions.

Serial #W1655252

Courtesy of James McInnis

Courtesy of Linda Scholten

The two-tone green 319Ws that had painted, rather than chrome, keys were the earlier ones made in this color. The paint is vulnerable to chipping, which may have been the reason for the change to chrome. Informal Survey & Discussion

Singer 319 Bobbin Case

Courtesy of Monty.

Compare with the cases shown in the Singer 306 Album. Original bobbin case is on the left, modification is on the right. Modification Discussion to allow use of 15x1 needles.