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Singer 114


Courtesy of Claire Sherwell

The 114K and 114W are embroidery machines, based on the Cornely principle, using a tambour needle. See also tambour needle, Schirmer & Blau and Linz & Ekhardt.

Manuals for the 114K and 114W may be used (available from Singer's site).


Serial Number W53378

Courtesy of Jerry

This is a chainstitch embroidery machine. It is slightly more petite in appearance when compared with the 114w103. The needle plate is also smaller and on this machine it is marked "Cornely" on the underside. The 114w100 has the springs protruding from the sides, similar to the Cornely machines and the only adjustment is for stitch length.


Courtesy of Claire Sherwell

A single thread chainstitch machine for embroidering on a wide range of fabrics that can be adjusted to make drop or moss stitch without unthreading the machine. Max speed 1300 stitches per minute. 137x1 needles.

Stand 46958 is a split stand as shown HERE

The 114W104 differs from the 114W103 only in being more suitable for heavier work.


Courtesy of Chrys Gunther

An example of the 114W110 on a treadle stand and a power stand. A speed reducer is used on the power stand.

The Singer 114E103 is still available brand new.